Thursday, 2 March 2017

5 Tips to crack bank PO examination

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Are you doing preparation for PO Exam ? Worrying about how to crack it in a easy way ?
Here we have posted few bank exam tips which will help you in finding the answer of most searched google keyword in education niche"How to crack PO Exam" which banking aspirants usually do when they use google for their banking preparation.

:How to Crack Bank Exam:

1) Find your weakness and work on it : The candidates must undergo the examination pattern in detail to understand the contents of the examination. This would make them to know their strength and weaknesses and allow them to mend the gaps in the preparatory period. Candidates should give emphasis on their weaker sections and strengthen the particular section or paper. They can also take help and counsel from the best of the sources available, online or offline like any education portal or coaching institute. It is noticed that the best way to remove your weakness is to not avoid it.

2 ) Prepare a Proper study time table : It doesn’t matter whether you are still a student or are working somewhere, while you decide to crack PO exam.  There is no shortcut to crack it except your commitment and focus for the examination from the very first day of your preparation. The candidates should initiate preparation for the examination immediate after filling the application form. They should make a proper time table, giving enough time to each of the subjects in the preliminary and mains written examination. They should give extra time to their weaker areas and try to mend them as soon as possible. They should develop a regular habit of practicing learnt materials, so that they do not forget them. They should also make a revision time table. There should be bi-weekly or tri-weekly mock tests, taken up by the candidates

3) Prepare from the best of the sources : There is no time to lose while you are in the preparatory stage and thus you should be careful about the sources you are pondering upon. You should make your choices about the study materials carefully as this could make or break your chances. Candidates can even join a coaching institute, if they are new to banking examinations, and get a clear idea about the best sources available for preparation. They should not limit to books, but should explore the limitless avenue available over the world of internet.

4) Formulate the proper examination module: The candidates should keep certain things in mind while undergoing the written examination. They should be focused to their speed of solving questions with accuracy. They should pick up the easier segment in the paper first and try to solve easy questions from all the sections. They should begin with the section, in which they are the most strongest and confident. If they get stuck at any point, while giving the written examination, they should immediately leave the question and move ahead.

5) Be Confident and Positive in your interview : The personal interview round is the last hurdle in the bank PO selection of the aspiring candidates. The candidates often feel uncomfortable and lack in confidence while undergoing personal one to one interaction with the board. They should keep in mind that they have undergone tremendous competition and out caste so many other candidates to rise up to this level, and thus should not lose confidence. They should have a positive approach towards the questions and answer them with utmost honesty and precision.


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