Monday, 11 March 2019

Life Tips : How To be Focused, healthy & Successful

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Never Ever Give Up...

Well ,  it is  always seems difficult to achieve your dreams because if logically we see the scenario that is dream not the reality and with no doubt i can say your hardwork is the magic stick which makes your dream come true. Passion for something is your 'success goal' which can only be achieved by keep practicing and never giving up , no matter what the circumstances are.The only thing you have to do is keep trying in all Situations.

When I Will Be Successful ?

Success doesn't come over night , it comes by keep practicing towards your Goal. It depends on you what you think of a Success .Success may be me small or a big one. In my point of view every small victory achieved by you itself a Success , it totally depends on you how you see it and celebrate it.

How to Be Focused ?

How to be focused? Well actually this is the serious problem among youth generation now days , they are going here and there doing courses not of their Interest and ultimately later not happy with their career. The very first thing you have to do before beginning of your career is giving time to yourself and think about your passion by sitting in a room where no one is going to disturb you.

  • Decide Your passion .Join the right college/university to make your career in that particular stream.
  • Concentration on study , do enjoy other things too .Only study will make you a book worm and obviously you will miss the fun .
  • Make a proper schedule and work accordingly , don't mess up your life with shitty things.
Enjoy Your Work :

Job ? When you are unemployed you search for the job and when you got it you feel burden of work on your shoulders.Why So ? You should enjoy your work in every situation , in every phase of your life it doesn't matter you are a peon or company CEO.Whenever you come to office come with positive vibes and full of energy .Trust me ,  positively enjoying your work will make you happy and give you enough energy to do difficult task easily with no load .

Stop Addicted to Mobile Phones/Computer Games :

Addiction of any thing can be dangerous to health. Now days students are too much addicted to Smartphones and computer games which makes them physically unfit as they are too much involved in indoor games.Outdoor games and Physical activities are necessary for a healthy life.So, please stop avoiding too much addiction for a mobiles phones. 


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